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TACA has been representing Turkish Culture more than 40 years Greater Chicago Area. Part of TACA’s mission is to bring Turkish traditional events or celebrations and introduce them to Greater Chicago area. There are variety of events throughout each year, some of them global events which are known world wide, here is the list of events TACA holds.

Here is the TACA Board Activities between 2011 and 2015.

Turkish traditional celebrations/events which are also celebrated in Turkey.

  • March 18th – Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs Memorial Day Ceremony.
  • April 23rd – International Children’s Day.
  • May 19th – Youth and Sport Celebration.
  • TAACE & TACA Display in Scokie Festival
  • EID pray and dinner night (Kadir gecesi).
  • Ramazan dinner(s).
  • Ramazan Bayrami.
  • August 30th – Victory Day.
  • Kurban Bayrami.
  • October 29th – Turkish Republic Day & Ball.
  • November 10th – Ataturk Memorial day.

Events which are celebrated/held by TACA locally.

  • Turkish Festival.
  • Republic Day celebration of Ataturk School.
  • TACA Women’s Group gathering dinner.
  • Concerts (please check our events history).
  • Picnic of TACA.
  • Turkish Film Festival.

Day of each event may move as weather permits or can be moved to weekend to serve more people.

We all like to see you in each event and share our culture.

Event History: 2015 – 2014 – 20132012201120102009200820072006

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