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TACA Turkish Cemetery

TACA owns a Turkish cemetery in Chicago and is the first Turkish organization in the United States to have a cemetery. In 2008, TACA successfully added 100 funeral plots to its existing cemetery space.

TACA Turkish Cemetery is located at Mt Olive Cemetery, 3800 N Narragansett, Chicago, IL 60634

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Why is this important to you and your family?

Some of us migrated to this country and started our families here. Our kids may not return to the old country. If you want to start your family roots in this country, this is an opportunity for you. You can purchase your family grave yard and start a tradition in your family to be together forever. For example, when you visit the current Turkish Cemetery you will see lots of members at the site you can visit them at the same time and pray for them. If we do not continue on this tradition of having one united cemetery we will all be separated and spread all around the Chicago area.

Ongoing Campaign

Sales price of one lot is $2,595.00

The document that shows the right to use the lot will be submitted to the owner, once the payments are completed.

If you’d like to get more information or to purchase a lot contact or call Kemal Ozer 773-774-9915.

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